What Are The Trending Home and Wall Decor Styles

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Home is your shelter, your space and you leave your signature in everything inside. The decorations reflect your style and personality. Wall decors, lovely sculptors, beautiful curtains, macrame decors here and there, and beautiful paintings everything within talks about your personality. 

Trending Decor Idea

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Home and wall decors have always been an important subject of interior decoration as they reflect your taste and style. Decor styles are one of the most dynamic aspects of interior decoration as it keeps changing every year and you need to keep updating with them. So here are a few popular decor ideas: 

  • Grand Size Art: 

Pick a grand painting or get a painter to paint one especially for your house. Once grand painting serving as the backdrop of your drawing room is attractive and eye-catching. It intrigues the visitors and also gives your house a classy style. Pick the painting based on your personality to add a personal touch. 

  • A Wall Gallery: 

Nothing adds a better dimension to your home and wall decor other than a curated wall gallery of pictures that are dear and close to your heart. It is a way of showing off and creating an intimate space with the memories you have made with people close to you. You can keep there the trophies you have won or the various brunches with friends or your graduation picture that choice, of course, is yours. 

  • Vibrant Wall Painting: 

With everything around in monotones, a vibrant wall stands out. You can get a wall painted with vibrant colors or in abstract styles this wall itself serves as a perfect background for your drawing room or longe. The wall becomes a piece of art. It is one very chic and experimental idea that’s not getting incorporated to give an accent to the house. 

  • Luxurious Fabrics: 

Curtains or other fabric decorations are not elaborate if you think so. A tapestry or lovely carpets are a perfect amalgamation of the traditional and the modern. They also add a dash of color and softness to your living space. 

  • Mirrors: 

This is one very trending style we see now. The hanging mirrors have gained a lot of popularity and look very dainty as well. Small well placed mirrors give the wall an abstract geometric look and also light up the wall. 

  • Book Shelves: 

The idea of having a separate library sounds fascinating but is not possible to curate one in an apartment. So it’s a better idea to curate shelves all over the house and stack books there. 

  • Arty Plates: 

The arty plates which are hung on the wall. These plates are pieces of art. It gives a certain oriental vibe to your room. Clustering myriad types of arty plates on one wall gives the house a luxurious feel and look.


A blue vase on a table

The decor of the house does not only brighten up for space but also your mood after a long day.

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