Try These Amazing Modern Home Wall Decor Ideas

A painting hanging on a wall

Decorating your home in a way that refreshes you cannot be done easily. If you are the one who is planning to decorate the house and searching for some fantastic Wall decor ideas, then you are at the perfect place. You can make your house feel like a home with few additions to those empty walls. You can customize your walls in so many ways and according to what you love, you could be an art lover or a book collector or any other. This article has shared some fantastic modern home wall decor that will surely give an amazing look to your home. Check out this full article to get this list. 

Large Scale Art

You must try to put the oversized painting or art in a small space. Putting such large printing helps to set the tone and make it look amazing. You can try any Black and white painting or any other that you think will work for you. This idea can be used at different places in the house, but it mostly suits the bedroom walls. 

Gallery Wall

A wooden floor

You should make an art gallery that displays a collection of art or photographs or add wall hangings and other ephemera. You must try some simple frames for your art gallery. You must keep your gallery wall full of the different types of frames. You can even extend the gallery to the ceiling if you want to create the illusion of a larger space.


A dining room table in front of a brick wall

You can try oversized mirrors or different-sized mirrors to keep your space more bright. Mirrors will reflect light that will make you feel the room brighter and bigger too.

Hanging Plates

Do you have your fine china, and you just keep it in the cabinet! Why don’t you think to show off? You can use the wire plate hangers to display your favorite dishes and serving platters. You can even place any other designed object in place of it. 


Plants as decor things are not used only at the window or garden. You can also try some plants hanging on your wall. You can use hangings or wall-mounted planters to add a bit of greenery to your space and nature to your walls. 

Oversized Wall Calendar

In decorating the walls, you can also use your calendar. You should try to put an oversized calendar hanging on your office or kitchen wall, which will give an amazing look. Also, you should mark your events on the calendar so that you would be able to remember them.


We have listed some modern home wall decor that you might have loved and surely will try. These will surely help you get a new look at your home and refresh your space. I hope you might have got some fantastic ideas for you.

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