Top 4 Sacred Home Decoration Tips As Per Vastu To Bring Good Fortune And Prosperity In Your Life

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Home is the feeling and not a place. It is vibed where we feel most loved, relaxed, and comfortable. It must be well maintained and elegant regardless of its space. Moreover, it is a psychological saying that is surrounding affects our mentality and productivity. It enhances our power to think rationally with an optimistic temperament.

Home decoration is the art that concerns making a place where we love to lay in after having a hectic day. It is therapeutically calming and relaxing to heal and have peace. Besides, it is wise to do it with some knowledge rather than randomly putting things around just for beauty. Hence, here we have got you covered with proven home decoration tips following Vastushastra or Vastu, which is considered a religious and holy method of adorning the workplace or home.

Listing Things You Can Use As Home Decoration Tips According To Vastu

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Dream Catcher 

Dream catchers are one of the elegant elements you can place in your home. This collects positive energy. It is commonly said that it discards nightmares and boosts good and healthy sleeping. But, in-home decoration tips, according to the Vastu, you should always place the dreamcatcher in the southwest direction to increase its effect.


Plants like the holy basil plant, money plant, snake plant are considered fortunate to be placed in your home. You can opt for artistic pots if you are someone who loves them to be aesthetic. Moreover, while keeping a plant for home decoration, you should see that they are not placed at the end side of your bed facing your legs when you sleep.

WallHangings And Wind Chimes 

Wall hangings and wind chimes are other great things, according to Vastu, for your home decoration tips. Colorful and aesthetic wall hangings in your bedroom or balcony will make a great place for your comfy reading time. Besides, wind chimes bring positive energy to the place.

Enshrining Idols 

You can enshrine the idols as home decoration, either as setting up a temple or as it is. The idol of Ganpati Or Gautam Buddha is considered a holy religious sign to bring prosperity and fortune. 


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Home decoration tips mentioned here are to help you decorate your home in a better way so that it brings good fortune and health. You can even go to the Fang Shui home decoration method if you are one of its believers. Besides, you can also place a pot of pebbles and corals in your dining area. Use these home decoration tips and share them with your friends and family.

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