The Best Living Room Interior Designs For Small Apartments

Small apartments can be a challenge to furnish and decorate. You want to make the most of the limited space you have, but you also want to create a comfortable and inviting living space. Here are some tips for creating the best living room interior design for your small apartment.

1. Keep it simple

A vase sitting on a chair

When it comes to small living room interior designs, less is almost always more. Opt for simplicity in both your furniture and your decor. Choose clean-lined, lightweight furniture pieces, and uncluttered decor. This will help to open up the space and make it appear larger.

2. Go for neutrals

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

A neutral color scheme will also help to make a small living room appear larger. Stick to light colors like white, cream, or beige. These colors will reflect light and make the space feel brighter and bigger.

3. Use mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to add depth and dimension to a small living room. Hang a large mirror on one wall, or use several smaller mirrors throughout the space. This will help to reflect light and create the illusion of a larger room.

4. Get creative with storage

When it comes to small living room designs, storage is key. Make use of any available space, including under the furniture, in corners, and in-wall cubbies. Use baskets, bins, and shelves to tuck away any clutter. This will help to keep the space tidy and organized.

5. Bring in nature

Adding some plants or flowers to your living room can brighten up the space and add a touch of nature. Choose simple, compact plants that won’t take up too much space. Or opt for a grouping of smaller plants arranged on a shelving unit or coffee table.

6. Make a Focal Point

One way to make your small living room interior design feel more spacious is to create a focal point. This can be done by hanging a piece of art, placing a large piece of furniture in the room, or simply by painting the walls a different color than the rest of the apartment. By doing this, you will draw the eye away from the smaller details of the room and make the space feel larger overall.

7. Use Mirrors

Another way to create the illusion of more space in a small living room interior design is to use mirrors. By placing a mirror on one or two walls, you will reflect light and make the room feel brighter and more open. You can also use mirrors to create the illusion of a larger space by hanging them opposite windows. This will reflect the outdoors and make the room feel larger than it actually is.

8. Get Rid of Clutter

One of the most important things to do when decorating a small living room is to get rid of any clutter. This means removing any unnecessary furniture, knick-knacks, or other items that are taking up space. Not only will this make the room feel larger, but it will also make it more stylish and inviting.

9. Add Plants

Another great way to decorate a small living room is to add plants. Not only do plants add a touch of nature to the space, but they can also help to purify the air. This will make the room feel more fresh and inviting. Choose plants that are low-maintenance so that you don’t have to worry about them too much.

10. Use Light Colors

Finally, one of the best ways to make a small living room feel more spacious is to use light colors. By painting the walls and ceiling a light color, you will create the illusion of more space. You can also use light-colored furniture and accessories to further this effect. Just be sure to avoid using too many dark colors, as this can make the room feel cramped.


The best living room interior designs for small apartments are those that create a space that is both comfortable and functional. Think about what you really need in your apartment, like an entertainment center or bookshelves, as well as the things you want to have access to without having to get up from the couch. Then pick colors and textures that will be inviting while also being easy to maintain. Finally, don’t forget about plants! They can make any indoor space feel more alive and give it a natural element that many people crave when they live inside all day long.

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