The 10 best design magazines

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Magazines can inspire you and motivate you to create something great. We’ve collected a variety of publications that provide inspiration, tutorials, and other helpful content for designers.

Before we start the list it is important to note that good design should always be about your own individuality. If you find yourself interested in one magazine over another simply because its name is a bit more well known or popular around the web, then perhaps you should take a closer look at the magazine’s content before making a decision on whether or not it is right for you. This list could easily become 20 magazines long if we included all of our favorites from different cultures around the world, but we feel this top 10 will give anyone who reads it plenty to explore and enjoy without getting too overwhelmed.

Communication Arts

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“For more than 50 years, Communication Arts has been the premier magazine for advertising and design professionals. Each issue contains a variety of award-winning print and digital work from around the globe as well as in-depth interviews, case studies, marketing trends, new technology previews and creative business information.”


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“Creativity is the first magazine devoted to critical reviews of originality in advertising, industrial design, digital media and entertainment.”

Computer Arts  Magazine

Computer Arts magazine delivers cutting edge inspiration through insightful features with interviews from leading creatives; step by step tutorials; behind-the-scenes design processes; plus practical advice on how to run successful projects”. The website also has an extensive collection of free stuff including templates, brushes and more.


“Designspongeonline is dedicated to bringing you daily inspiration from an ever-growing community of emerging and established designers.” It has a very nice collection of free downloads too.

Digital Arts  Magazine

Digital Arts provides essential information on the latest software and hardware for creative professionals in advertising, architecture, design and media”. Check out this interview with designer Christophe Gowans that includes some great hints for designing book covers .

Fuse Magazine

Fuse magazine launches unique projects that encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration between artists and designers across all cultural boundaries.” If you’re tired of reading articles online, this could be a nice, printed alternative.

HOW  Magazine

“How is the resource for comprehensive design and how-to information, serving creative minds worldwide with a mix of global brands and fresh voices.”  If you’re looking for inspiration related to advertising and graphic design this could be a nice choice.

It’s Nice That

“It’s Nice That is a daily design and art blog from London, showing work we like from the fields of graphic design, packaging, branding, interactive, editorial and more. It features artists’ moving image projects too”. If you’re looking for inspiration relevant to motion graphics this could be a nice choice. Be sure to check out their competition section as well.

Lürzer’s Archive

Lürzer’s Archive presents a large collection of award-winning creative work from around the world in print format on an annual basis”.

PRINT Magazine

“PRINT is the creative director’s resource for what’s new in graphic design, illustration, web, video and installation art”. This could be a nice choice if you’re looking for inspiration related to brand identity design or display design .


Of course, there are many more graphic design magazines around the world that could be included in this list. This is just a small sample of some of them that we think are nice to look at or can provide inspiration. We hope you’ll find something here that will help you on your way as a designer. Enjoy!

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