Spring Home Decor Theme Ideas

spring home decor tips

Spring is here, and there are a number of things you can do to help the timeless charm of the season. Many people will be adding new spring home decor tips to their home decor websites this spring. They’ll want to add fresh air, color, fresh flowers and maybe some daisies if they like them. For those who want to add a more sophisticated touch to their home decorating, they might consider using hand-painted ceramic tile murals. No matter what your taste is, you’re sure to find something that will enhance your current home decor as well as add a freshness and lightness that are missing from many homes during the springtime.

An Overview

One of the most important spring home decor tips is to use a bright spring fragrance. If you can’t quite find one in your local stores or specialty shops, try finding a good aromatherapy shop in town and asking for suggestions. You don’t have to spend much money on a spring fragrance; just find something that matches your current decor beautifully, and remember to buy an essential oil diffuser if you plan to use the oil outside. Remember that essential oils can be dangerous if they are ingested. Even if they’re not, they can be absorbed through clothing if they’re present on your body.

In addition to using a fresh air fragrance, many people will use fresh flowers in their home to add a spring feel to their space. There are a number of plants and flowering shrubs that will look great when placed in your windows or doors; however, you can also go faux with a few plants and flowers, or you can use an indoor plant to create a Feng Shui feel in the room. For example, if you have a window with lots of glass, bring in a few potted plants or artificial flowers that you can place on your glass table. Remember that these won’t act as an actual shade or barrier to sunlight, but they will provide an illusion of fullness and warmth by giving you the feeling that air is flowing in the room.

Few Accessories

A glass vase on a table

You can use a few accessories to dress up your home decor. Spring is also a season when you should give your windows some light and color, so consider adding some seasonal flowers or greenery to your house. You might consider putting up birdhouses or wind chimes to bring in a little fresh air and harmony into your home. A few birdhouses or wind chimes floating in the breeze will help make your room look more inviting to your guests.

Spring is also the time of year when you can enjoy all those delicious foods that are made with fresh produce. If you’re the outdoorsy type, try cooking your meals with fresh vegetables. This is also a great way to avoid the preservatives and unhealthy additives that come with store-bought products. As you try new recipes, experiment with using fresh ingredients and spices. You’ll find that you’re not only enjoying a healthier diet, but you’ll also end up with a more exciting taste in your mouth. Add to it some fresh fruit and spices and you’ll have a mouthwatering treat.

Final Tip 

A close up of a flower

For your spring decor, remember to keep your home clean. This means decluttering your closet and making sure that you keep your dust-free furniture. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be stressful, because you can do it whenever you want to: simply take out your clothes and bed sheets, set yourandeliers and basins on the faucets, and throw away any old or dirty clothes in the hamper.

Spring also means the arrival of many new flowers and plants. Spring gives us a chance to take a look at our gardens and flowerbeds and appreciate just how beautiful they are. You can add a few new flowering plants, such as sprouts, to your garden or your front yard. You may want to plant some flowers that you can see yourself viewing everyday. The colors and shapes of these blossoms will help to accentuate your spring theme and home.


Spring is a great time to redecorate. When you are decorating for the spring, you have a wide variety of home decor themes from wicker to shabby chic. So whatever style you prefer to decorate your home with, you will find something to suit your tastes and style. A spring home decor theme is very fashionable this spring, and you’ll find it easier than ever to decorate your home with the season’s many wonderful flowers and plants.

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