Some of the best Italian Home Decor for you

A living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv

Almost every one of us grew up dreaming about having the most beautiful house, with pretty walls and a lawn. A backyard for our pets to play in and the most amazing décor. Each person has a different outlook of what their ‘perfect’ home looks like, some like vibrant colors and loud patterns while others find pastels and dim patterns more calming. To each his own. A lot of people have their dream house pre-planned in their imaginations while others choose to be impulsive and go with the flow. A good way to make your home outshine the others is by incorporating décor from different cities or countries that you find aesthetic. One such destination is Italy, even if you have not been to this stunning country you will still have to agree that it is absolutely delightful. Italy is known for its inherent romanticism and food and if you wish to bring the same aura to your home, keep reading!

Wall Art

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

When decorating your home the details always matter, people generally tend to leave out the walls which is a terrible mistake. Empty walls bring an unwanted gloom to the room, always try to add decals and paintings. Murals are a great way to add an oomph to your walls and give the entire room a focal point. Pick your color scheme and design, maybe a beautiful Italian scenery or the picture of a vineyard and get it painted on your wall. Nothing screams Italy like murals. Another minor change could be made by changing the wall plates and switching to something Italian themed. Paintings and ornamental mirrors are an amazing way to bring the walls to life.

Wine Rack

A room filled with furniture and vase

Is it even humanly possible to speak of Italy and not mention wine? Absolutely not. Some of the most amazing wine comes from the vineyards of Italy and it is an integral part of your décor if you want your home to feel like a miniature version of the country. Be sure to leave out a separate area for your wine rack. It is completely on you to decide whether you want a hanging rack, a counter display or a standing rack for your collection. You can surround your rack with artificial vines and grapes to bedazzle the area and tie the theme together. Keeping a charcuterie board nearby on display with; grapes, cheese and meat will give you all the feels. Adding knick-knacks inspired from Italian culture like; scented candles, figurines, Italian designed decorative jars and boxes to name a few. 


Italy is best known for its culture, food and art. One cannot create a replica or even come close to it but can surely try to duplicate the aura and sophistication of this scenic beauty. If possible add a little pizza oven and make dozens of pizzas until your home starts smelling like bread and cheese and that will give you the complete experience at the comfort of your home. Happy decorating!

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