Simple House Plans That You Can Achieve Quickly And Effortlessly

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“A simple house is a house that is easy to live in.” Have you heard those famous quotes by Benjamin Franklin? Simple houses make life simple. Why not build your dream house with a simple plan? With so many beautiful, economical & easy-to-find plans in the US, there are hundreds of simple house designs & floor plans to choose from.

Based On Sustainable Building Techniques


The most popular simple small house designs & floor plans are those based on sustainable building techniques. Many people are concerned about their environment and the future generations. Sustainable building techniques use materials that require little energy or resources to produce such things as home appliances, home furniture, home building supplies and water treatment products. These types of building practices will be a part of the new construction methods that will replace traditional housing construction methods in the future. There are now many examples of eco-friendly, smaller homes that have been built by companies that specialize in building environmentally friendly homes.

Most of the bed and breakfast owners I speak with are also very concerned with being environmentally friendly and “green.” Achieving green living is becoming easier as more information is available regarding the impact of plastics and other toxic chemicals on our health. Aromatherapy, solar power & wind turbine power are all methods being used to save energy and reduce household power costs. These simple small house plans are a great start for people who want to live more sustainably.

Simple House Plans Are Attractive To Young Couple

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Small house floor plans with simple house plans are attractive to young couples who want a house that will be built on their own as their nest egg. They enjoy the freedom of working from a home office and keeping the household chores to themselves. These couples want a simple house plan with a minimum of fuss & maintenance.

One of the advantages of using simple, small house design ideas is that it is possible to construct these homes in any location on a limited budget. The cost of labor does not go up too much when working from home. In addition, many of the materials can be found at a local home improvement store. That is another good reason to build a house yourself.

Simple House Plans Available In Numerous Sizes

If you are looking to build something that will outlive your children, this could be a good choice. You could be 70 years old and still be building your simple house plans. Many older people enjoy this freedom of time. They know that if they have built a house themselves before, it will last them quite a few more decades. This adds to the overall value of the home.

This is another choice for you to make if you are looking for simple house plan ideas. We have created countless beautiful, affordable, simple house plans available in numerous sizes and styles including, beach house, garden cottage, log cabin, family cottage, ranch house, studio apartment, Victorian house, country cottage, bungalow, and colonial house just to name a few. Through our high-quality, budget-conscious and affordable house design plan collection if you are looking to build a first house. We have also created numerous designs for vacation homes, and we have dozens of other house building ideas.

Bottom Line

This is one of the primary reasons why more people are deciding to build a house and have it completed by using this amazing product. Through superior quality materials, detailed and precise construction techniques and expert craftsmanship, our customers who like this collection are also looking at ways to extend their homes with additional living space or even to build a dream vacation home. Having a perfect residence starts with having a great home plan that fits your needs.

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