Retro Home Decor Accessories And Other Ideas You Need To Know

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Old clocks, typewriters, and ornate mirrors are the things that come to your mind when you think of retro-style décor accessories. Retro home décor accessories help to add a fun element to your décor without overpowering it in any way. The vintage piece used for decoration becomes a medium for telling stories from the past. With the help of soft, muted colors, quaint objects, and rustic furniture, these retro home décor accessories help add the old but fashioned and elegant look to your home.  

Accessories Include

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Everything from reproductions of old objects, hands-me-down, to a few vintages, finds from a local flea market. The retro home décor accessories do not have to be expensive antiques but can be cheap retro-styled toys, too. Consoles, old clocks, vintage movie posters (Star Wars!), grandparent’s furniture can help add the old-world charm to the otherwise simplistic modern theme. 

How To Place Them In Your House?

A living room

A cute record player on top of the teak console in your living room can become an attention grabber. Retro home décor accessories, like vintage movie posters, old paintings by amateur artists; paintings with a retro appeal can be used. 

The iconic bamboo swing chair placed in the loft is inspired by the 60s look. Then topping the floor with a flokati rug. The laundry room can have vintage pastel shades and a vintage-inspired radio. Mirrors and handles in gold colors, crystal chandeliers, embellished lamps, and vintage mirrors can be used. Colors inspired by rich jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red, turquoise, and orange are commonplace. A playful color scheme pops of colors done right can give a sense of spaciousness in a small room. 

Other ways to use retro home décor accessories are to add an old wooden desk or a vintage bookcase, sofas inspired from various styles like midcentury Danish, Industrial, Hawaiian, or French. These are also a perfect fit for small rooms. A wallpaper with a retro look, curtains with floral design, or even a whole wall covered up with floral wallpaper can add a striking element to your décor. Rich Persian carpets with heavy detailing or raw silk curtains make a great look if you can afford them. 

Some Tips

Look for retro home décor accessories that can be restored or repaired. They can be found at flea markets or demolition yards.

Choose a specific period or era as your theme. Be careful not to overdo it if you choose to layer different periods and eras. 

Create a theme that includes the contemporary world while still capturing the essence of the past.

When mixing and matching design elements, try to blend them. To avoid awkward mismatch, try to keep the detailing and colors similar.

Last but not least, go with what your heart says. What you feel is always right!


It is about striking the right balance between the old and new – learning to blend the two according to our tastes and needs. Retro home décor accessories help you connect with your cultural heritage in a meaningful way and also give way to escape into a charming home that exudes warmth.

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