Paint Art In Home interiors Paint Art In Home interiors

Paint Art In Home interiors

Paint Art In Home interiors

Some of us are just not that into basic colored walls. We might just bring on our artsy side and paint then ourselves! Don’t run after perfection here. Just bring up the courage and try it. Your room needs to represent you. Your art needs to reflect your philosophy! So gather up your colors and try your hand at Paint Art in your interiors!

Things that may keep you from making obvious mistakes are as follows:

Clean Your Walls: Paint Art

It is necessary to set the foundation of your painting first! You might be super fluent in painting on canvases or cloth. But painting on walls is a different ball game altogether! Cleanse your wall off cracks, bumps and chaffing before you touch it to your brush.

Prep ‘Em First: Paint Art

As I can’t stress enough. Set the foundation right! It is well. Okay to paint over already existing walls. But as years to pass. It loses its charm Starts chaffing off. Get’s shabbier and dull. And that doesn’t represent you does it? If you want your mural to last longer. Have a more durable base to it. Go for the long process! Clean your wall off with soap and water and sponges first. Once they are dried up thoroughly, give them a healthy coast! Don’t compromise on good quality Acrylic Primer.

Paint Art In Home interiors
Paint Art In Home interiors

Give Some Texture

You can leave it at a smooth primed wall and start painting right away. Or, you can give it more texture. Giving the painting more depth in perspective and dimension. Give the illusion of a better gradient in color. All considering it does increase the difficulty level. With the risk of not achieving your desired final look.

Plan out

As much fun freestyling can be. It is wise to have a reference painting. It is best to have executed your painting on a smaller scale. Making sure every line, perspective and color is on point. Tally with the color of your wall so it must compliment your painting. Not overpower it. Make sure you are prepared to draw it on a large scale. Best is to plan out each and every element. In respect to the dimension of the wall. And with respect to the painting. Take your time and let each layer dry before going in again. Patience is the key to great murals.

Paint Art In Home interiors
Paint Art In Home interiors

Use A stencil

It is very easy to mess up perspective of your painting. Especially in large scale ones. Try testing out various sizes of stencils. How the depth of filed goes with each of them. And compliments the painting. Stencils help you stay within the lines. They give neater results. And the best hack for every perfectionist out there! Make sure your stencils are of the correct material. They shouldn’t bleed. Making untidy blotches on your painting.

Be Well Equipped!

Create cool impressionistic motifs. Realism is hard and a little bit mundane. Why has every nook and corner perfect and calculated. When we can use sponges and create textures! For leaves, clouds, and water. They are perfect for creating a pointillistic look!

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