Navy Home Décor Accessories

ceramic home decor accessories

A Navy man’s quintessential home décor accessory would be a huge world map put up on the wall. These accessory showcases your love for travel across the globe. You can get different world maps in different colors, hues, textures and designs online. Put up a huge navy world map behind your bed on the wall and keep marking the places you have visited.

Ship’s Steering Wheel

A side view mirror of a car

Almost every navy personnel will have a ship’s steering wheel adorning their front door or their walls. They take pride in decorating their houses with this accessory. It showcases their love for ship journeys and also makes them proud of their profession.


A person wearing a costume

Invest in a good and sturdy looking globe in wooden or golden accents on your side tables or cabinets to bring about a navy outlook to your home décor. You can even buy more than one globes for your room décor; one with political markings and the other with geographical markings. 

Blue and White Cushions

Invest in typical nautical print or colored cushions and bedcovers for your rooms to make your room look like a navy person’s private abode. Blue and white combination not only looks soothing, but it also makes your room very vibrant and pleasing to the eye.

Ship Artefact

Many times, you might have seen a ship artefact in some houses. These people are fond of sailors or sailing. A ship or a sailing yacht in wood, bamboo, cane or any other material looks amazing adorning your side tables. It brings about a Midas touch to the navy theme and completes it perfectly.

Ship’s Anchor

You can also place an anchor as an artefact on your table or as a keychain hanging or a large wall décor artefact in your navy themed room. An anchor is a quintessential part of any ship and a captain or any personnel in the navy will understand its importance.

Sailor’s Cap

Put on display your sailor’s cap in the room. You can either place it next to the ship artefact or anchor or hang it on a hook on the wall to add to your décor. You may very well keep it in your cupboard, but hanging it on the wall, gives your room an obvious navy ambience.

This way, these are some of the main navy home décor accessories that you can use to decorate a home in a navy theme. These can be done for someone who is already in the navy or for someone who aspires to be in the navy someday. Last, but not the least, a large dolphin or a whale artefact or a wall poster may complete the décor fully, making anyone understand the décor theme of the room and get attracted by it.

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