Large Wall Clocks That Don’t Compromise On Style

In today’s digital era, a wall clock seems to lose its meaning as a timepiece. However, it does not apply to interior design. Large wall clocks are often ornamented wall décor that is unique and creative. Currently, the design of the wall clock is also increasingly diverse, so easily be used to beautify the room. If the selection is right, it will add character and space in your home. The reason one should be assertive while choosing their clock is that it represents their independent style.

The whole idea of choosing a wall clock carefully depends on your passion and home décor systems. Another critical thing to note while selecting the wall clock, which will guarantee the safety of the clock, is that the quality of the wall, the wear, and tear of the clock must coincide with the type of clock that you will choose.

Large Wall Clocks That Don’t Compromise On Style
Large Wall Clocks That Don’t Compromise On Style

Best Large Wall Clocks 

1. Blomus Clock

This clock can look excellent against a dark wall or a dark themed overall room décor. It has a stainless steel finish that looks both classy and elegant. Also, the time is readable from a reasonable distance.

2. Tuma Silent Wall Clock

This clock is excellent if one needs something to go with a minimalist theme. It has the perfect grayscale, which helps it stand out from the background. It also comes in lovely black and white other than the silver option and is smaller than standard 14 inches clocks.

3. Wooden Pocket Watch Wall Clock

The Wooden Pocket Watch Wall Clock looks like a larger version of a beautiful pocket watch. It also has an incredible wooden finish and color that will go well with almost any décor, mainly traditional or vintage ones. It has the perfect rustic look and feels to it.

4. Cape Craftsmen Oval Clock

If one is looking for a beautiful oval clock to perfectly contrast with their minimal or vintage style décor, this has to be their pick. At 20 inches, it is more significant than an average wall clock. That means it is readable from a long distance and looks very incredible.

5. Oversized Vintage Clock

This piece will make the best and most perfect focal point for any loft-style apartment. It is 28 inches and looks like the perfect period piece for a very modern apartment interior. It looks fantastic and extremely unique.

Large Wall Clocks That Don’t Compromise On Style
Large Wall Clocks That Don’t Compromise On Style

And A Few More 

6. Rustic Oversized Clock

This clock has beautiful hammered copper joints that look classic. The roman numerals look bold and are easily readable against the light background. If one needs a great piece to add to their home décor and interior, this has to be the one.

7. Port Wine Wall Clock 

This clock from the famous French Wine House Bordeaux Côtes de Francs and is the perfect pick for a vintage style décor. At 18 inches, it looks extraordinarily unique and beautiful and just the right piece that can instantly lift any interior to a new level of awesome.

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