Industrial Home Decor Ideas For The Office

industrial home decor ideas

With industrial strength, hard-wearing materials and unique artistic shapes, industrial home decor ideas are making a comeback. These days, wooden floors and walls are being replaced with tile, brick or even corrugated plastic. Industrial strength fabrics are also becoming popular for use in both interior and exterior applications. You can easily find fabric covered walls, ceilings and floors.

Consider Corrugated Plastic Laminate To Cover Walls

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If you are interested in adding some industrial home decor ideas to your home, consider incorporating the use of corrugated plastic laminate to cover your walls. This material is easy to clean, stain resistant and inexpensive when compared to wood and stone. You may want to cover your ceiling with one of these fabrics, but if you want to add some artistic flair to a room, try using an exposed brick wall. If you have an industrial strength vinyl covered floor that you would like to display on your patio, for example, make sure that it is covered with a laminate that protects it from both sun and weather damage. An exposed brick wall is a striking idea for a modern lounge area.

Create A “Neutral Palette”

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One of the more interesting industrial home decor ideas is to create a “neutral palette” that can be used throughout your home. A neutral palette can include any of a number of colors that are within the range of what you might find in nature. For instance, you may choose one of the deep, rich colors of teak or bamboo to accent your Japanese or French style floor covering. Or you could select an assortment of gray, browns, creams and beiges to help decorate your bathrooms. The great thing about creating a neutral palette is that you can use almost any hue or shade in any room in your home.

One of the other popular choices for industrial home decor ideas is the use of rough-textured walls or brick walls. These options create a feeling of warmth and provide an illusion of a larger space. Many people chose to use rough textured walls to create a feeling of industrial space rather than using brick walls because they thought it would make their industrial design look less industrial. However, if you look at the effects of brick walls against the lighter-colored walls of a kitchen or a bedroom then you will see that brick walls create a warmer feeling in these spaces.

Brick walls are often lined with vinyl siding that has a white background. Another popular choice for industrial-style design is a white and stainless steel space. This combination creates a contemporary look, but it is also effective at giving a feeling of safety. Because of the white background, industrial style beams that are used in the construction process don’t stand out as much, which helps conceal them when the beams are open.

Ceiling Lights Can Be A Great Addition

Ceiling lights can be another great addition to your industrial decor aesthetic. Since industrial lighting is very bright, ceiling lights that feature white or beige colored bulbs tend to be used. To enhance the visual interest of the ceiling lights you can add decorative wall art that features bold textures, abstract designs or textures. In addition, you can add lighting fixtures that create a uniform luminance throughout the room.

Bottom Line

The key to implementing some of the ideas from industrial home decor ideas is to coordinate the various pieces of industrial furniture with the rest of the interior design. For example, if you are using a white picket fence as the interior design for your industrial office, then you need to coordinate the picket fence’s color with the other elements in your industrial home decor design. Because of this, it is a good idea to bring samples of other industrial decor ideas to the office so that you can match the items with your interior design concept. If you are interested in implementing some of the ideas from this article but you are not very skilled at woodworking, you may want to enlist the help of someone who is. You can hire a carpenter or you can enlist the help of a friend who is skilled at woodworking. Either way, it is always important to work with someone who has knowledge about the nuances of woodworking in order to ensure the success of your industrial furniture project.

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