How To Make Christmas Garlands Like a Pro

How To Make Christmas Garland Like a Pro

Garlands are one the best things to decorate for Christmas. A garland on the fireplace mantel or on the staircase or the front door entrance looks so festive.

Things You Will Need

  • Lots of pine
  • Lights 
  • Ribbons
  • Florist wire 
  • Scissor 
  • Cute things for decorating 

Here are some steps you can follow to make your own Christmas garland.

Add Lots Of Green

Most of your garland can be made from pine boughs and look expensive. Just take two to three or more and wind it together to make it look expensive. Give yourself lots of time to make the branches look fluffy and add a great look to your garland. You need to make the base look pretty to make the whole garland look beautiful. Adding anything won’t work until your base for the garland is perfect.

How To Make Christmas Garland Like a Pro
How To Make Christmas Garlands Like a Pro

Add Lights

Wind a string of fairy light around the branches and pine. Try and tuck in the wires so that no wires are visible. You will want to add more lights if you want it extra bright and twinkly at nights. You can use two types of light to decorate it, such as star shaped lights and a standard light with a large bulb. The important thing you should keep in your mind is that your garland should be near a plug point. If your plug point is far then you can use battery-operated lights. Adding lights add a dimension to the finished garland. Adding lights create more beauty to your garland so don’t compromise on adding perfect lights for your perfect Christmas garden.

Add Ribbons 

Buy a bright-colored ribbon with a good pattern on it. With the help of a piece of florist wire, wind the ribbon at the distance of 35 centimeters. Remember to twist, the ribbon before winding the wire. Continue this process until you have covered the last part of the garland. Take your time and slowly tuck in the end of the ribbon with the help of florist wire.

Add A Contrasting Ribbon

If you use a bright color for the first ribbon, then you can use a dark color for the contrasting ribbon. Of course, if you used a darker color for the first ribbon then you can use a brighter shade for the second one. This is because contrasting ribbons make the everything brighter and add life to your garland.

How To Make Christmas Garland Like a Pro
How To Make Christmas Garlands Like a Pro

Add Details

Here comes the best and the fun part of making a garland. Here you need to stuck flowers, ornaments and other accessories to make your garland look special. You can hang or place your garland in place before adding details so that the decoration looks nice and pretty. The important thing is to make sure that nothing breaks while you are attaching the accessories with florist wire because those little things can be very delicate.

That’s all. Now your beautiful garland is ready.

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