How to Create Your Own Home Decor Wall Sticker

home decor wall sticker

Home decor wall stickers are very much in vogue. These decals are often made of vinyl and can be used on doors, windows, fences, garage, patio, poolside and other similar interior or exterior decorating accessories. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, designs and materials.

The best place to look for a decor wall sticker is the internet. It is a good idea to take some time to browse the many websites that showcase these wall stickers.

How To Go About Home Decor Wall Sticker?

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Another way to get a home decor wall sticker is from any local home accessories store. The advantage of going to the store is that you would have access to a huge array of wall decals. You could even try making your own home decor wall sticker. This is something that some people are doing every now and then. If you do decide to make your own home decor wall sticker, it would be better to use a vinyl template from another site.

If you do not have the time or the patience to make your own personalized sticker, you could always go with one that is already made and pre-printed. There are many sites online that offers stickers that are ready to use. Just choose a decal of your choice from the catalogues and pay a token.

Another idea to make your own wall decoration is to download some photos from the internet. Choose a picture that perfectly fits your home decor. The size of the picture should also be taken into consideration when choosing the right picture. The size of the picture should be at least two feet by two feet. You should also choose a design that has something that appeals to you as well.

Choose And Measure The Area Of Your Choice

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Once you have picked the right place, it would be a good idea to carefully measure the area where you want to place the decal. Use a piece of paper to write down the measurements. After this, measure the desired location where you want to place the decal. Next, cut the paper to size and fold it over.

Using the backing tape, stick the decal on the wall so that it is flat and level. This will prevent the decal from slipping down or sticking to the surface.

After getting the decal ready, stick it carefully into place. Make sure that you don’t cover too much of the decal as you don’t want to make the wall look disorganized.

For the best look, place more than one decal in a row. To save time, you can simply place two or three decals together.

Ensure Smooth And Wrinkle-Free Sticking Of Sticker

The next step is to glue the decal to the wall. Start by using an adhesive strip to attach the decal onto the paper backing. Then, press it onto the wall and continue to press the strip until it becomes flat and level.

Then, you need to peel off the paper backing. and stick the decal into place. Make sure that you are very careful to match the width of the decal with the width of the paper backing. It is also important to make sure that the decal is completely covered with the paper backing.

After all of the paper backing is removed, apply a second strip of paper backing to cover the edges of the sticker. This will give it a smooth finish and give it a smooth appearance.


Now that you have created your decor wall sticker, you need to ensure that it is totally covered with the paper backing. If you do not have enough adhesive, use a little bit of glue to put it back on to the paper backing. For those who have a problem with adhesion, you could use some toothpaste to fill in any gaps between the decal.

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