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Art And Craft: How It Evolved Interior Design And More


From the dawn of Modernism and Industrialism, Art got stagnant. Moreover with a fast pace of life. And mass-produced products. Therefore designs and motifs. Visually things got mundane. Moreover, this started losing creativity. With recycled motifs, elements, and designs. People began losing their space to imagine. To evolve, create and inspire. On the brim of the Twentieth century, came a wave of fresh air! In Design and culture. Moreover with the Victorian and European influence in India, Art and Craft evolved. In all sphere of life. Including lifestyle. And took Interior Design to a promising Level.

But with time, these Victorian motifs got stifled and brought innovation in interior design to a stop. Therefore that is when and age of new wave designs evolved. With the demand in uniqueness and Originality once again! Moreover, the lost skill and creativity in craftsmanship were brought back. Therefore quality once again triumphed over quantity. Leaving behind the age of mass factory produced stuff. Moreover from then, art and craft in interior design grew from traditional to modern, minimalistic, contemporary, bohemian and what not! It started giving more value to the personal sense of aesthetics. Give every homeowner an aesthetic connection to his home!

How Art And Craft Evolved In Interior Design
Art And Craft: How It Evolved Interior Design And More

 The Essence of Art And Craft In Interior Design

From the evocation in general public. Art stood for everything that was not mass-produced. It started believing in less is more and diverted away from flamboyance. In interior design, balance became essential. Symmetry, geometry and in rhythm, developed individualistic art styles. With that came a rise in the use of certain motifs and tricks to adding more dynamism to your home.

Use Of Lines

Horizontal Vertical or even diagonal. Lines became essential elements of design. Its directional characteristics added more character to interiors, giving it a more cohesive look! Not only with the establishment of balance and geometry, but use of lines to add dynamism in perspective took place

How Art And Craft Evolved In Interior Design
Art And Craft: How It Evolved Interior Design And More

Use Of Shapes In Art And Craft

With the advent of Abstract art and cubism. Shapes, both geometric or inorganic have been used as an element of design. Moreover with the shapes of elements being complementary and cohesive. Moreover it brought more balance and sense of uniformity in a space.

Use of Color Art And Craft

For times immemorial, color has been a great reflection of emotions. Therefore the mood and vibe of an Interior space can be made with the simplest element of color. Moreover colour has also the power of manipulating dimensions of living space. Making it look small or big. It has the power of giving off negative or even positive vibes! This provides the backdrop of every other element of the room. And plays a huge part in how they appear as well. Use of Texture and Dimension One of the quickest ways of giving your room that “Oomph” is with the additional texture. While your room may look just fine with flat colors. Textures can bring more depth in the aesthetic of your room. Adding an extra note to your style! Diving it divergent dimensions from different perspectives. Thereby giving you the ultimate living experiences. With the tiniest of detailing.