Home Theatre Wall Décor Ideas that will make Everyone Jealous

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The only thing better than going to the movies is enjoying one from the comfort of your very own home theater. Besides, since we’re spending more time in our own homes, we may as well optimize them for viewing parties. If you’re ready to commit or just starting to research the process, these 12 home theater design ideas, renovation tips, and decorating examples will help you create the cinematic viewing space of your dreams. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the feature presentation of home theaters that rival the real thing below.

Take It Outside

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Why limit yourself to the indoors when you could watch a movie under the stars? It’s all possible with a handheld projector and a white sheet, flat exterior surface, or a portable screen. Here’s our full backyard theater DIY if you want more details on how to bring yours to life.

The Design Tip: Hang some string lights, pile on the pillows, and arrange some outdoor-friendly furniture for a magical movie experience.

Free Up Your Basement

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A basement is the perfect location to design a home theater since it’s isolated and dark. This will make sound performance and lighting easier to control.

The Design Tip: Try painting your walls a dark color and install an extra-large flat screen, as seen in this home theater designed by Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design. Then bring in seating reminiscent of classic plush movie theater seats but with a modern spin and the ability to work in a variety of environments.

Review Sound Options

There’s a lot to think about when designing your sound system, from how many speakers you’ll need and whether or not to install surround sound. Some design choices will also impact the sound quality. For example, a carpet helps contain the noise and prevent echo.

The Design Tip: Plush carpet, adjustable leather recliners with built-in cupholders, and a sophisticated gray color palette make this home theater by Heather Hilliard Design perfect for cinephiles and families alike. A large sectional can fit more family and friends and the moody color story makes it feel like a subterranean lounge.

Scout Out Alternate Locations

If you don’t have a basement or large enough space, there are plenty of other ways to make a home theater work. Transform a spare bedroom or a walk-in closet, where the enclosed nature minimizes natural light. Other options include converting a garden shed, pool house, and even an unused garage.

The Design Tip: If you can’t design an entire room to feel like a blackbox theater, opt for built-in seating for a bite-sized version of the experience, as seen in this nook designed by Studio DB.

Optimize Your Wiring

Another important step is getting your wiring in check. You’ll need the right wiring for lighting, sound, and your projector and/or screen. This is also a good time to mention that you’ll want to keep equipment out of sight and hide your wires with discreet tubing.

The Design Tip: If your home theater doesn’t have room for cinema-style stadium seating, replicate a conversation pit. Designed by Jamie Bush, this space feels like a private haven fit for big viewing parties thanks to the full carpeting and modular seating.

These are some amazing home theatre design ideas worth trying.

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