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home theater decor accessories

Not only movies but also content from streaming sites such as Netflix Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime is also available. Spending a day playing video games on a comfortable couch in front of a  big screen is the best leisure activity for people nowadays. Home theaters help in boosting and uplifting home values by allowing big families to enjoy under the same roof. Building a decorative home theater is essential to build impact and lift the mood. 

Home Theater Recliners 

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One of the most important pieces of equipment in a home theater room is durable leather-made recliners for sitting comfortably and binge-watching. 

Retro Movie Theater Sign Board 

Old school, vintage movie theater signboards above the couches or above the projector screen are a great way to beautify the home Theatre room. They can be wooden artifacts, or black painted wall art, or a sticker consisting of images such as film stock, movie cassette, and popcorn tub. Along with the Signboards, theater masks can be hung on the walls of the home theatre room to give a mysterious and elegant look. 

Customized Cushions 

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Digitally printed customized designs on white pillow covers are an excellent way to amplify the effect of the home theatre room. Be selective of the material of cushions. The pillow covers should be cotton-made, durable, and air permeable. Designs of film stocks, popcorn tubs, cold drinks, movie reel, cinema, and various genre names may be printed or painted on the pillowcases. 

Light Projector 

One of the main home theatre decor gadgets is the light projector. Generally, an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene made Bluetooth projector is preferred to play music and view high-quality video. Care should be taken that the projector has light and sound adjustable modes for viewing during the night. 

Vintage Popcorn Cart 

Having a vintage popcorn cart gives the feels of a real theatre. It can be a great popcorn carrier. The vintage cart can store multiple snacks perfect for movie night. Generally, these carts have built-in kettles with nostalgic popcorn kits. 

Customized Cinema Floor Carpet 

Home theater rooms can be fitted with customized floor carpets consisting of designs of a movie reel, film stocks, movie tickets, 3D goggles, popcorn tubs, cold drinks, and retro movies. They are a stunning and unique way to beautify the home theatre room. One can also customize movie-themed rugs for home theater rooms. The carpets should give a comfortable fit around the edges and should not be irritating while sitting. 

Movie Ticket Sign 

A multicolored metallic ticket Sign can be hung on the walls of the home theatre room to give a fantastic touch to the room. The metallic plates bring a Hollywood taste to the room.

Customized Irregular Shaped Snack Bowls 

Serving utensils uplift the mood. It is recommended to use customized snack bowls of various shapes and colors with movie tickets or popcorn printed on their plastic body. The bowls can be used to serve popcorn, lollipops, candies, chips, and french fries while binge-watching.


Home theatres are a unique way to increase the values of your homes. One can watch concerts, movies, sitcoms, sports, and news in a comfortable and customized room. Decorating home theatre is a wonderful activity. 

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