Great Ideas For Using Office Wall Decor

home office wall decor

You can even transform standard whiteboards into a collage of green images using a split canvas theme. Look at some recycled art materials that you can hang on the walls. These will add color and character to your home office without adding excess weight.

There are a variety of framed pieces that you can purchase to decorate your walls in your home office. For example, you may want to have a framed piece of artwork of an African mask that is displayed above your desk. Then you can add accessories to add accent pieces such as a framed piece of artwork of birds that can sit above your desk.

Images Of Butterflies And Ladybugs

Other great decorating ideas for a creative home office wall decor are images of butterflies and ladybugs. These can be hung above your desk with beautiful accents of butterflies fluttering around. Other great ideas include small birds and hummingbirds that you can place in an elegant frame on your wall. This will have a wonderful calming effect that helps you get rid of your work stress.

If you want a unique way to decorate your walls in your office space, there are several things you can do. First, use a desk cloth and place it on the desk. If you are lucky enough to have a really good solid wood desk, this will make the ideal accent wall. If your desk is not so good, you can still have success by hanging up photos of yourself, family and friends.

Books, Inspirational Quotes Or Even Beautiful Flowers

A bedroom with a large bed sitting in a room

There are several other creative home office wall decor ideas you can try. You can try hanging up pictures of favorite books, inspirational quotes or even beautiful flowers. One great idea is to put up a collage of your favorite photographs. You could do this by using old pictures you take yourself, placing them in a nice frame and then adding a new photo to it. This will look very nice framed and displayed on the wall.

For some more fun decorating ideas you can try painting your walls a unique shade of a color that complements the theme you have chosen for your home office. Another great thing to do would be to get a few big pictures of family members up on the walls. Having these always available for people to see will help you get creative with the decorating. This will also help you get inspired by seeing your favorite pictures when you are thinking about the design for your walls. It is important to remember that when you are decorating your walls, you should keep the other parts of the room in mind as well, such as the carpet and the chairs.

Pictures On The Wall And Framed Pieces Of Artwork

A painting hanging on a wall

Other than using pictures on the wall and framed pieces of artwork, you can use a desk as the focal point of the room. You will want to find an accent table that you love, which matches the color scheme of your wall, and that fits into the space that you have to work with. 

You can decorate your desk with a beautiful glass display case for all of the items that are currently on display in your home office. Using items from your home is a great way to save money. You will want to carefully organize all of the items that you wish to place on the desk so that you will be able to find the ones that you need quickly and easily.


If you are looking for more office space decorating ideas, you can also consider adding a colorful lamp to your walls. A colorful lamp is a wonderful way to give a light touch to your office space. Many businesses choose colorful office wall decor ideas to highlight their logo or other company information. There is nothing more effective than seeing your favorite sports team logo when you walk through the door. The wall art may be small, but it is something that people notice when they come into your office space.

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