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Feng Shui Mirror Placement Tips


Feng Shui is an ancient geomancy which Chinese people used to design their homes. According to this art, the energy from the surroundings can help to harmonize people. Whether you believe in this ancient science or not, you can use it to provide a natural flow in your home. The placement of mirrors in your house plays a vital in this Chinese geomancy. In this article, we describe the mirror placement tips according to this ancient practice. Hence, you must not miss reading this article until the last.

Feng Shui Mirror Placement Tips
Feng Shui Mirror Placement Tips

The Importance Of Mirrors In Feng Shui

A mirror is one of the most popular décor items that you can find in almost every home. However, it is something more than decoration as per Feng Shui. The mirror can multiply everything that came across it. If you take a stack of bills in front of them, it can multiply them too. The same thing applies to positive things. Moreover, it can slow down or speed up the flow of energy in your home. Hence, it is essential to use them in the house according to this Chinese geomancy.

Mirror Placement Tips According To Feng Shui

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in this practice or not. You can still use it as you don’t need to make any significant efforts. The following are the mirror placement tips as per this ancient geomancy:

Never Place The Mirror In Front Of Bed

Ideally, you must not use the mirrors in your bedroom. However, most of the people have looking glass in the bedroom. If you still want the mirror in your room, then make sure it must not face the bed. The mirror reflecting the bed can lead to sleeping problems. Moreover, it can diminish your relationship with your partner.

Avoid facing the mirror in front of your working desk too. It is because it not only double your workload but also multiplies the stack of bills.

Dining Room Can Be The Best Area For Placing A Mirror

Experts believe that the dining area is ideal for hanging a mirror. It is because the mirror will double the food placed on the dining mirror. It ensures there will be no shortage of food in your home. The dining region represents the wealth holding capacity too. If you don’t believe in this geomancy, still the looking glass will provide a lovely look to your dining room.

Feng Shui Mirror Placement Tips
Feng Shui Mirror Placement Tips

However, avoid to place the mirror in the kitchen. It is because it will reflect the stove or burner. Thus, it increases the negative energy in your house.

Avoid Placing A Mirror In Front Of Main Door

According to this practice, the mirror on the main door can send your fortunes back. Thus, you must never place it facing the entrance. If you want a mirror there, then its face must be inside instead or door.

Place The Mirror In Narrow Staircase

A narrow staircase can decrease the positive energy. Therefore, it is excellent to place the mirror there. It will enhance the space that allows the fortune to come effortlessly. You can also use the reflecting glass in other small areas of your house.