Feng Shui Mirror: Feng Shui And Your Body

Sometimes a mirror placed in a room may be the simplest and most effective Feng Shui moves that you can make. Mirrors will not only give your room a more balanced look, but they are also a valuable tool in helping to remove negative energy.

To use a mirror in your Feng Shui practice, it is first important to know what kinds of colors you should avoid using when placing a mirror in a room.

Choosing A Perfect Color

However, it is also important to know that the color white often brings prosperity and success into a room. White mirrors can be used in rooms that are full of purples, blues, and violets. These colors are considered to bring calm and tranquility to the room, and can create the perfect environment for meditation.

It is important to understand that the position of a mirror in a room will greatly affect its effects on the room, and therefore Feng Shui. The mirror must be placed in a place where it will be facing east or west of the room. This is the direction of prosperity, luck, and wealth, and to avoid using the mirror in any other direction is a big mistake.

If you want to create more positive energy into a room, use the mirror in front of a window that faces east or west. The mirror will act as a light source and make the room feel more comfortable.
A mirror should be placed in a room that is bright and well lit. This is because of the Feng Shui saying, “That which shines bright does not long to stay.”

Benefits Of Mirror

Mirrors also have many benefits for Feng Shui. In most homes, an exact mirror will look better than a mirror that is too big but not so big that it seems to be mirroring the entire room. In Feng Shui terms, an exact mirror looks like a true reflection of the room and should be placed in the main hallway to give it a focal point.

Mirroring the bedroom and bathroom is another great way to add energy to these rooms. It will feel more relaxing to you, and if you are having trouble getting in and out of bed, this is the perfect way to start your day. If you choose to use a bedroom mirror, look for one that has larger mirror areas.

The right side of the mirror in a bedroom is another wonderful place to mirror the house, especially if you want to make the bedroom seem bigger. The left side will mirror the appearance of the door, especially if you want to get in and out of the door. Use the mirror in the bathroom to mirror the door and allow the mirrors to “widen” the illusion of a larger space.

Where To Place A Mirror

A mirror should never be placed in the kitchen, where you are trying to get rid of bad energy. It should only be used in other areas of the house that are good for you. If you put a mirror in a child’s room, it will help them learn good habits and be more disciplined.

For the most successful application of mirrors in a room, it is important to know the Feng Shui placement of the mirror in the first place. That is why it is so important to research the proper placement before spending your money on a mirror. If you choose to buy a gift of a mirror, make sure that it comes with a CD so that you can find out exactly where to place the mirror in the house.

With the correct placement of the mirror in a room, a mirror can be a very helpful tool in many areas of life. By using mirrors in different areas, we are showing our inner self to ourselves and to others and creating the perfect reflection.

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