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Fall Home Decor Ideas For Your Porch

fall home decor ideas

Whether you choose to use gourds or pumpkins this autumn, it’s sure to be one of the best looking decorating ideas for your home. In fact, creating pumpkin themed decorating ideas can easily become one of the most popular projects around at Halloween and thanks to the endless combinations that can be created, gourds and pumpkins can be used for every part of your home from flooring to table accessories.

Variety Of Options Are Available

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There are so many wonderful options, when it comes to decorating with gourds or pumpkins. The classic orange and red gourds are great for pairing up with lots of navy blues, blacks and browns. Pair a deep, rich pumpkin centerpiece with a vase of fresh seasonal flowers or even with some seasonal decor such as twinkle lights, scented candles or gliders. There are many elegant fall home decor ideas that just include pumpkins or gourds. For example, adding a wall sconce with a pair of gnome shaped lamps to an end table or accenting with fall colored candles would be great pumpkin or gourd accent pieces.

As you look through fall home decor ideas, be sure to take a look at the kitchen. Many people use gourds or pumpkins in their fall decorating to add freshness to the room. If you want to decorate the room, you can either find some great deals at your local dollar store, craft fair or online. You may also be able to find some antique fall decor items for very reasonable prices at garage sales or flea markets.

Way To Decorate The Fall Front Porch

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Another way to decorate the fall front porch is to create an element that ties the whole room together. For example, if you have a lot of wood in your house you can start by adding an autumnal theme to the accessories you choose. For example, place a grouping of brown iron candle holders around the porch light. This can become the centerpiece of your fall decorating as well as the centerpieces for your guests.

One popular element of fall decorating is the fall wreath. A common way to decorate with wreaths is to start out with a large center piece and then gather all of your fall themed elements together around it. Often times you can buy individual wreath handle plates at a dollar store or craft store and then glue them onto clear plastic cups or plastic bowls. You can also find cute little boxes that are hollow and turn them into wreaths. You can fill the box with pine cones, berries, nuts, or any other fall elements you like and then insert a little bow on top.

Add Some New Season Accents

One other idea for your fall decorating is to add some new season accents. This means adding in throw pillows that will match your new year’s decorations. You can find some gorgeous throw pillow sets at your nearest dollar store and then simply glue the pillow to the foam padding that matches your fall theme. If you do not feel like spending money on new throw pillows, then you can always make your own!


If you don’t have a lot of time to do all of this decorating, then hiring a small child to help you out can be a very nice alternative. If you want to spruce up fall decorating this year, hire your child to help you put together mini pumpkin centerpieces and holiday decorating. Kids love helping to do things around the house, and they love getting to take part in the process of decorating a special space. If you have kids around, this definitely is a great way to spend some quality time with them this holiday season!

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