Easy and Stylish Diy Home Decor Ideas

DIY Home Decor Ideas

When it comes to wall decoration, square footage matters a lot. But, it does not necessarily limit the scope of decoration. Even in a small flat with petite wall space you can notch up a perfect decor drama. For inspiration, check out the following real-life ideas, most of which DIY home decor ideas. From picture ledges to vintage art frames, she has meticulously worked with every piece to design a drool worthy wall. So, here we go. 

Stylish DIY Home Decor Ideas
Stylish DIY Home Decor Ideas

Potted Wall Plants

Adding greenery for decoration is the latest fad and wall mounted plants is getting attention for all the right reasons. Wall-mounted planters make a wonderful greenery solution for little space and it perks up the home’s ambiance as well. You can opt for a sleek and space-savvy succulent garden for a quirky touch in your living room.

Creative Arrangement of Books

Who doesn’t love a well-styled bookshelf? But, do you know that it looks even more gorgeous if mounted on the wall? Go beyond your bulky bookcase and you will simply love the mountable ledges and the shelves that hold your books and manage it in such a small space. It makes an awesome wall decor and that too in a functional manner. 

A Wall Motif 

Wall motifs are growing popular these days and the best part is you can do it all your own. Even in a nondescript living space, wall motifs can add charm and life. All you need for this is a couple of cardboard pieces, paint pens to create patterned motifs that reflect your personal style.

 A Calendar Wall

It’s awesome actually because a calendar wall can amazingly transform your wall into an organization tool without compromising a bit of style. And it can give a bland wall a perfect dose of life. 

Beautiful Wall Scones 

For a light deprived area, wall sconces are simply great. They are fashionable decor itself and can amp up the living space in an amazing manner. You can mount it up on either side of your bed instead of table lamps, or simply place a swanky sconce to meet the functional and aesthetic demands of living space at a time.

Plant Greens in the Wooden Frames

Such an arrangement is quite common but the catch lies in choosing a frame with a 3D effect. Opt for any size of wooden frame that’s suitable for your wall and lets the plants hang vertically on your wall. She, however, recommends succulents whenever it comes to vertical hanging, as these plants are easy to maintain. 

Use Glass Containers

Whether you use it as a tabletop decor or simply hang the plants from the ceilings, glass containers are ideal for planting your greens. First of all, glass jars are elegant and exude a sophisticated vibe throughout. A wide variety of glass containers are available in the market these days and they blend with the contemporary way of interior design. With some colourful plants, you can make your glass containers look edgy.

 Notch Up a Vertical Garden

Beautiful DIY Home Decor Ideas
Beautiful DIY Home Decor Ideas

Vertical gardening is one of the most coveted interior design trends at this moment. Homeowners highly favor this decoration due to their exotic charm; but, vertical gardens require professional maneuvers. If you have plans to get one in your home, it’s better to talk with professionals. The vertical gardening contractors can help you design a breathtaking living gallery wall in your house.

There are a plethora of ways to decorate wall space, but make sure that you follow a style that is in line with your preference as well as the theme of your living space.

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