Decoration Ideas With Colour Decoration Ideas With Colour

Decoration Ideas With Colour And Warmth

Decoration Ideas With Colour

Decorating your interiors can be quite challenging.  In the generation, if Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram there are a huge variety of home Decoration Ideas. It is only natural to be in a frenzy when you don’t know where to take ideas from! In cases like this, it is best to be original and to go with your instincts. After all, at the end of the day, it is you who needs to feel at home. Today let’s talk about how important painting your room wise can be. Before we jump into the decoration ideas, let’s talk about what you need to avoid while painting your rooms!

Decoration Ideas With Colour
Decoration Ideas With Colour And Warmth

To-Dos: Decoration Ideas

  • The biggest challenge is to avoid overlapping of colors. Let’s face it, it looks untidy and uneven. Make sure you are leaving wet edges with every stroke!
  • Consistency is key. Make sure you merge the same shade of color in a larger can. This gives you more depth in color. Therefore, avoiding translucence.
  • Are you a perfectionist? Here’s a pro tip, stencil out the edges with tape and remove them only when the paint has dried off!
  • Know where to begin with. Try painting the lower edges first! That way you get a sleeker finish. Then further on to the walls and ceilings.
  • Always primer first! These help to avoid bumpy and blotchy texture.
  • Make sure you are painting over cleaned walls. This results in smooth bump-free walls.
  • Use rollers for the edges. These help to leave a feathered texture at their edge. Making them smoother for further coats.
  •  Use cotton cloths to protect your floor instead of plastic. They avoid overlapping way better. And let’s face it, plastic is no friend of the environment!
  • Sucker for an ultra-smooth finished texture? Use sandpaper on the edges. The results are uncanny!

Do Your Own Wall Murals!: Decoration Ideas

Here are some ideas if you want to paint your own motifs and murals on your walls.

Always Use A Stencil!

Decoration Ideas With Colour
Decoration Ideas With Colour And Warmth

No matter how good of an artist you are, it is always wise to have a stencil of your artwork first. That way you avoid imperfections. Sleeker finishes. And leaves no room for mistakes!

Minimalism All The Way

Avoid complicated designs or artworks. Being an artist it is wise to not keep your room crowded. It clouds imagination.

Basic To Fabulous

Feel like your window frames are too basic for your personality. Customize them yourself. Get hold of some good quality acrylics and paint around your window frames. Times like these, it is best to have the most basic structure. They help to get along with your art style and aesthetic better!

Quirk It Up!

Speaking of windows, is there a spare wall in your room that you wish to paint? But cannot because there are two window panes cut out from it? Don’t blame the builder! Thank him! Paint around your windows and make them look like eyes. Give your room the personality and character it always deserved!

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