Craft Home Decor Ideas – Start As A Hobby And Bring New Products

Craft Home Decor Ideas

Crafting home decors is a great way to add to the beauty of one’s home. Making home decor is a great way to have fun and be productive at the same time. Even though they look quite intimidating, craft home decor and DIY are quite easy to do. These are also a good way to spend some quality time on art and relax the mind. A few craft home decor ideas that will, for sure, add beauty to the home.

Using Old Books – Craft Home Decor Ideas

A close up of a flower

The best way to use old books for an old book is by making use of the pages to stop made cones out of individual pages of a thick book. Now take circular cardboard of the desired size. Generally, an 18-inch diameter circle works well. Draw circles with a common center and keep increasing the size of circles by 3 centimeters. Now attach the cones on the circumference of the circles, starting from the outer circle. Leave a circle of about 4 inches diameter in the middle. When done with attaching the cones, the piece should look like a flower. Now stick colorful stones or pom balls in the middle circle. Attaching a small circular mirror in the middle circle will also make it extremely attractive. This is probably one of the easiest yet professional looking DIY from craft home decor ideas.

Ice Cream Sticks And Paper Craft

A bird sitting on the side of a building

Ice cream stick craft is not just limited to school craft periods. Ice cream sticks are actually great for using in craft home decor ideas. These make good quality, professional-looking, and practical use of home decor pieces. Simply painting ice cream sticks with acrylic paints of choice and using them to make pen stands will enhance the home decor and be useful. Ice cream sticks can also be used to make key holders, flower baskets, photo frames, and a lot more.

The simplest and arguably most diverse craft material is paper. One can make paper flowers, origami, wall hangings, paper mache, chandelier, etc. with the help of paper. It is important to use the right paper for different craft home decor ideas. Tissue paper makes amazing flowers and pom balls for decoration. Card paper can be used to make origami pieces. Glazed paper help in making intricate but delicate wall hangings. One can also include thermocol balls, pom balls, glitter, wool, etc. to add to the home decor piece.


The next time you are planning to do something creative make sure you try some home decor ideas. One can find many useful craft home decor ideas online and utilize the materials available. These are easy to do and help in making the home more homely. At times, even if the outcome doesn’t have a professional finish, it does make the moving space more attractive and gives a warm feeling to the home. Most of the materials used in craft home decor are easy to find and generally cheap. Making DIY candles, crafted photo frames, flower pots from old bottles, etc. are also popular craft home decor ideas.

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