Color Wall Decorating is Easier Than You Think

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Color wall decor is a great way to bring a whole new look into your home. No longer are the colors just basic earth tones and they don’t do anything to express yourself. By using paint, stencils, color mixes, and accessories you can turn any bland interior into an exciting and creative space. Start out by choosing a color that ties in with the atmosphere of your home. Then use accessories and accents to make your space stand out. You can create a vibrant space by using bold color palettes or neutralize it by adding in more of a variety.

Color Wall By Bold Color

A bedroom with a bed in a room

If you have a lot of plain white walls in a room you can easily change this by painting it a bold color. One idea is to use a deep, intense color on the wall for the centerpieces and then a softer color on the walls as the focal point. Another idea is to use two tones of the same color on the walls like a deep forest green and a light beige. To really give your room depth you can add up some art work or pictures in the room. The possibilities are endless. Make sure you use your imagination.

For a very unique color scheme you can paint the entire ceiling in a contrasting color. This will make the rest of the room stand out and become attention getting. By making the centerpieces bold and centerpieces with contrasting colors you are going to give your walls a pop of color that no other room in your home will have.

Color Can Be Used Extensively In Your Home’s Decorating

A living room

You can have a unique colorful rug that matches every room in the house. You can even get rugs like fire engine red so that every time you walk into the room it will excite you. Use them on the floor also, so that your guests think it is the floor of your home. Add some throw pillows in coordinating colors to the sofa, chairs, and ottomans in the room. You can even get an interesting color rug that matches the drapes in the room.

Use color in the curtains to help you enhance the look of the rooms. If you have an all wood room then paint the wood with a lighter color and this will give it a lighter look. If you have a stone fireplace, then paint your walls a darker color to give the room more of a rustic look. In addition to the floors and walls you can use draperies and window treatments to give each room a unique look.

Place It On The Center Of The Room

Color can really change a room from a plain looking room to one that is unique and modern looking. You can get a cheap bamboo rug and place it on the center of the room. Over time it will take on an original color. With your area rug you can use this same color on the walls to add some interesting color to your walls. Add some throw pillows to the middle of the room and voila, you have color home decorating at its best.

 Use Different Colored Rugs

For the floors in your room you can use different colored rugs to add some interest to your room. However, you should make sure that they compliment the wall colors or they will be a bit off making the room look cluttered. Instead, have a few different textures for the rugs. I personally like Moroccan rugs. They go great with Moroccan furniture and are very affordable. There are other types of flooring that look amazing in rooms, but if you want to add some color to your wall and furniture then go with these rugs.

Summing Up

When choosing colors for your home decorating think about those things that you love. What pictures do you hang in your room? What colors do you see in nature? By focusing on the things you like most in your life you will create a space that will bring out your best personality. Colorful home decorating will help you transform your room into a place you love.

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