Coastal Home Decor Accessories For Your Room Decor

coastal home decor accessories

When it comes to coastal home decor accessories, what can beat a few glass beads, sea shells and some tropical flowers? For me, nothing else comes close. It adds that special touch of homey style that just makes it feel like home. In fact, you might even think you’re in paradise!

One of the best coastal home decor accessories is the lovely little shell house that looks as if it’s been built on the beach. If you want to add the look and feel of being on the beach, these shells that look like they’ve been brought right from the beach can be placed on an accent wall. To create this coastal style, you will simply need to purchase three or four shells depending on how many you have in your home. To help the effect to look even better, you can place these shells on top of a white, unpainted plywood or wood accent wall.

An Overview

A group of palm trees

The next coastal style accessory you would love is a little aquarium filled with tropical fish. These little beauties can easily be purchased at any pet store or marine supply store. You can even find these at your local Wal-Mart. A great idea for a beach theme is to place a few bowls of sand in the aquarium and let the fish breathe the air. The beautiful colors, the fish would naturally display in the ocean can really enhance your home decor.

For something really unique and a little different, try decorating your coastal kitchen with a selection of tropical fishes. These can be purchased at any pet store or marine supply store as well. Placing the bowls of water over your island counter or on your built in barbecue can really make your island look authentic.

Coastal Home Decor Accessories

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If you happen to live near the water, you may not be able to partake in a water activity but you can still take advantage of coastal decor accessories such as dolphins. There are many different species of dolphins that exist. All of them have distinct characteristics and personalities that make them unique. Dolphin pictures on your home decor and other accessories around your room can really help you feel close to the water.

Tropical islands and beaches are typically considered to be relaxing. One popular type of theme is that of a tropical sanctuary. You can recreate this theme at home by placing tropical plants, candles and even candles on the furniture and floor mats. Place a few bottles of wine on your dining room table or use coconut scented candles in your bathroom. This will create a tropical theme at home that your guests will truly appreciate. To top off your sanctuary, think about purchasing some fake palm trees that you can put in your living room or on the patio.

When decorating with home decor accessories, try not to overdo it. A small island is sufficient and you should be able to replicate the look of a private paradise. This theme is especially good if you have children, since you can show off your childlike personality while still creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home. In fact, it is said that more than 80 percent of homeowners who plan a vacation opt for a private getaway island to relax after a long day at work.

In The End

Other home decor themes are based around beach themes. If you live near the water, then this would be an ideal theme for your home. You could use lighthouses, boats and other sea objects to create a lovely look. This theme is especially good if you have a pool or a large garden that you can set up as your back yard. You can use flowers and other greenery to create a serene atmosphere.

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