Cheap Home Décor Tips with Carpets and Rugs

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Carpets and rugs are the ultimate cheap home décor tips that complete your interior look like no other décor accessory. Today, almost all homes invest in carpets and rugs to add oodles of charm and elegance to their home décor and also to enhance their interiors. A good and cleverly placed rug can define a room, add warmth and also can layer your décor. These need not be very costly ones. Here are some cheap home décor tips with carpets and rugs alone.

Cheap Home Décor Tips with Carpets and Rugs

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Before buying a carpet or a rug online for your homes, it is important to know about a few basic rules:

Dress up your floors with handmade carpets and rugs keeping in mind the available space

A carpet or a rug should not cover the entire flooring leaving no sight of your tiles. When spreading one in your bedroom, it is generally recommended to lay one next to your bed to provide that warmth and coziness. 

Spread them according to the area

Spreading a carpet in the kitchen is not a good idea as a kitchen is prone to food and beverage spills. The moisture content in the kitchen is also high making carpets and rugs, breeding ground for germs. You can place a washable rug in the entrance of your kitchen to avoid staining the rest of the flooring. Again, just like your kitchen, if you have kids in your house, ensure that you place washable floor carpets and rugs in their rooms and not costly carpets as kids may spill food and drinks on the carpets.

Spread carpets and rugs keeping in mind the color décor plan of your interiors

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An important aspect to keep in mind while spreading carpets and rugs is that you have to match them with your furniture and upholstery. A purple colored carpet might not look good with red dominated interiors and upholstery. Color coordination is an important factor to keep in mind while buying carpets and rugs online. While there is no thumb rule to this, you need to assure that the color of the carpet will not lessen the effect of other accessories in your room.

Lay your carpets for living room at least one feet away from your sofa sets

If you want your carpets to remain in great condition, then always place them a little distant from your sofa sets. People sitting on the sofas might have dirty legs and you would not want to ruin your carpets.

Color Coordinate two or more carpets in the same room

When placing more than one carpet in a single room, ensure that they complement each other and create a sense of harmony, else the entire effect will look too clashing.

Who says carpets are only for floors?

Wake up the artist in you and create a stylish effect in one of your rooms or living room by dressing up a wall with a carpet. Pick a vibrant carpet that can accentuate your interiors and also become the focal point of your décor. 

With these cheap home decor tips and ideas, you can use rugs and carpets to raise the aesthetic appeal of your homes.

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