Bringing The Renaissance Home Decoration Into Your Home

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For the true Medieval homeowner, there are countless options when it comes to Home Decoration. Maybe you just adore the lavish golden color of gold and think that you would love to take it into your own home, with a special touch of your own. But perhaps, you would like to incorporate the same magnificent look into a regular room. Many people have, since the days of the Renaissance, being able to incorporate real gold in their furnishings, making them an accent and not just another dull item.

Bringing The Renaissance Home Decoration Into Your Home
Bringing The Renaissance Home Decoration Into Your Home

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Distinctive Pieces To Find

Ornate Lamp

One of the most distinctive pieces to find its way onto the market at Medieval times was the ornate lamp. With every lamp, whether iron or glass, having a bell hanging from the base, they were used as a decorative addition to many rooms in the house.

This beautiful, ornate lamp was able to provide illumination for the inhabitants and was extremely attractive to behold. In some cases they would be hung in certain areas, such as the dining room, to highlight these walls.

Of course, for people who were inclined, especially in the Medieval period, to take a little more care when working in their home, there were many other reasons why these lamps became so popular. We all know that gold was not only incredibly luxurious but was also very long-lasting, so when people invested in a lamp it could last quite a while.

Gold Lamp

A gold lamp made of hammered metal could be worn by anyone who wanted to, without fear of damage. This added a touch of beauty to the eyes, and when it was used for illumination, the inhabitants could sit and read, without fear of the eyes straining.

Bringing The Renaissance Home Decoration Into Your Home
Bringing The Renaissance Home Decoration Into Your Home

This piece of Home Decoration is a commonly used element in modern-day interior decoration. Each person has their own idea of what the perfect lamp should be, but there are now plenty of fantastic ones to choose from, even in today’s market.

There are so many styles available to choose from, that if you want a gold lamp. It will blend perfectly with your current home decor, then it is not hard to find one. The variety is simply staggering.

Recessed Panel Lamp

For those who want a fantastic classical piece, then a recessed panel lamp can be perfect. With this type of lamp, you have your choice of colors, so that you can incorporate color into a room to highlight it’s architectural detail.

Candle-Like Lamp

If you would like something a little more contemporary design, then a candle-like lamp would suit you. Many people like to get really specific when it comes to their Home Decoration.

Modern Furniture Pieces

Today, there are lots of modern furniture pieces out there, which will give you a great focal point. It also allows you to make certain that you decorate the area, with just a couple of pieces. Something like a loveseat table, with matching chairs, would be an ideal option for such a space.

Antique Pieces

There is plenty of beautiful antique pieces out there, which would do just as well as a modern piece. To add to the style of your home, it is easy to just buy a mirror. Also, simply buy something that is much bigger than the rest of the items that are in the room.

Bringing The Renaissance Home Decoration Into Your Home
Bringing The Renaissance Home Decoration Into Your Home


You will be amazed at how easy it is to add a certain style to your home decoration. The original Renaissance piece is likely to give you the most satisfaction, but there are plenty of ways to make this piece, which is now easily found on the market, perfectly suitable for your home.

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