Art Kit Necessities For Interior Design Art Kit Necessities For Interior Design

Art Kit Necessities For Interior Design

Art Kit Necessities For Interior Design

As an artist, what is the most important item of your Art Kit? Duh! The paints! Among the huge variety of tools and appliances. Colour is the main man! While painting your house walls, there are a number of things to make sure.

  • The foundation of your color needs to be healthy. It is of utmost importance to repair cracks and bumps of walls. Even cure it of its dampness. The strong foundation is the key to a successful end result. 
  • To prep your wall for the color. Prepping and priming ensure the longevity of the color. Improves its application. And upgrades the quality of color.

Other than these factors, there’s something of even greater importance. To choose the right kind of color! The ingredients of each type of color differences. And they behave accordingly after they are applied. What is important is to know the key ingredient. Or the base elements. And know its various implications on wall paint.

Art Kit Necessities For Interior Design
Art Kit Necessities For Interior Design

Oil Based Art Kit

This type of color is used by professionals. They ensure harder finishes. Also are, endurable and increase the sustainability of paint. Oil-based paint provides stronger surface penetration. Protecting walls from moisture and thereby increasing the longevity of the paint.  This is one of the most common and reasonable of all the paint. Being ultra durable they are the consumers’ most reliable paint. Considering the corner and the trim of walls, oil-based is the best options. Corners and trims face the most abrasion. Therefore, need that extra layer of protection. The only downside of this paint is its thickness. They slow down the drying off process. But what is a little patience compared to optimum results?

Water-Based Art Kit

For interiors, water-based paint is also a favorite pick. They are resilient and durable. They are more convenient compared to oil-based paint. Since they dry faster. Even though, they aren’t as long-lasting as oil-based ones. They bear fewer chemicals. And are way less fragrant. They get the work done pretty fast, considering they dry faster. Making it easier to apply more coats of color in a shorter span of time. They are even friendlier to the environment, giving fewer fumes. Irrespective, they are costlier and do not last as long as Oils.

Latex Based Art Kit

Being water-based, they dry quickly and are easy to work with. They can contract and expand on curvatures. Making them ultra durable. They can be water-based but are infused with more chemicals. These paints don’t require a primer. Are super easy to clean with soap and water.

Art Kit Necessities For Interior Design
Art Kit Necessities For Interior Design

Flat Paint

Flat finished paint gives the most sophisticated and luxurious looks. Being flat, they give off an ultra-smooth matte texture. They are also low on the reflective scale. Thereby are great for camouflaging imperfections! Even so, flat paint can be difficult to maintain. It is advisable to not have Kitchen, bathrooms and kids rooms painted with flat paint as they stain easy. The stain removal is also questionable. Thereby leave muddy stains on walls. Making them look cheap!

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