Antique Home Decor – What You Need To Know About It

antique home decor

The most common themes in an antique home decor are ornate, decorative and period correct. Decorating in particular with antique items is not really that difficult if you follow some basic design principles and some general guidelines. Most people think that antiques must cost a fortune but they are actually quite affordable. There are several ways to find affordable decor including garage sales and thrift stores. Many antique enthusiasts who find that their style of decor does not flow with the times also recycle items by donating or trading with other collectors.

An Overview

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You can create your own unique style by combining different antique home decor items to achieve your own unique look. There are two broad categories in which to incorporate antique pieces; contemporary and traditional. Contemporary looks are made up of clean and geometric lines, with a focus on bold contrasts such as black and white, chrome, stainless steel and other metallic finishes.

Traditional antique home decor style has a great way of lending elegance and charm to your home. This style focuses on rich wood surfaces with rich textures and rich fabrics. The emphasis in this decor style is on the use of highly decorative fabrics on the furniture, accents and walls. Fabrics such as velvet, sateen, crepe, taffeta, damask, chenille and velvet are commonly used.

Antique Home Decor Facts

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In the contemporary section you will find the classic styling of furniture pieces such as tables, chairs, dressers and beds. You will also find traditional touches such as crystal chandeliers and iron wall sconces. Wall decoration items in this decor style are usually cream or off-white. Characteristics of this decor style include warm colors, simple patterns and lots of natural and/or ceramic furnishings. Shades of brown and off-white are common.

The retro decor style exudes optimism with the use of bold colors, unique fabrics and unique designs. Popular antiques of this style are Victorian antiques and art deco pieces. Most pieces in this decor style are solid wood with wooden trim and embellishments. Some of the popular antiques are pieces from the Victorian era including rocking chairs. Trimmed paper lamps also add charm to the retro decor style.

In addition to antiques and antique furniture, you may want to add vintage living room decor items. The furniture in this decor style generally ages well with age. Vintage pieces include shabby chic furniture, vintage beds and dressers. A popular and beautiful option is to purchase an antique bookcase. This type of furniture lends itself well to being an antique furniture collection as well as being a valuable piece of vintage decor.

Another way to incorporate pieces from the past into your vintage collection is to purchase items used for costume drama. The items to choose could be that which is worn by your favorite historical figures, or it could be pieces from popular television shows. If you choose to purchase costume drama items, make sure you look for pieces that will fit in with the other items in the set. Vintage living room furniture can be expensive and if you choose to get rid of some of it, you can save money and also have plenty of vintage furniture pieces to choose from.

Bottom Line

Many people love the charm and beauty of the rich and elaborate pieces that were made in antique decor during the past. If you are looking for a new way to incorporate this furniture into your decor, there are a number of options available. You can create your own vintage decor by collecting older and more gently used pieces of furniture to create a look reminiscent of the past. If you are looking to sell your old furniture or simply want to take it with you when you relocate, you can always ship off the pieces to your new home with your belongings intact.

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