Add Some Warmth To Your Home With Country Home Wall Decor

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If you’re thinking about redecorating but aren’t sure exactly what country home decor is, this article can help. There are many different ways to dress up a plain or boring wall and country home decor is fun and easy to pull off! Here are some tips for redecorating with country decor.

POPPIES prints are a popular choice for country style decor. Get a cute image of a country kitchen or flower arrangement and hang it on the wall. It’ll add brightness to dull walls no matter what shade they’re painted in. If you have an empty wall, paint a bright country style motif on it, such as an apple or sunflower. You can then fill in the rest of the room with country style linens and add pillows, rugs and floral accents.

Paintings On The Wall

A close up of a vase with a flower on a plant

If you’re redecorating a bedroom, country style wall art is a popular way to dress it up without making it too bold. This works well if you already have a few paintings on the wall or want to add something new. Purchase prints of old country landscapes or pictures of your family, then frame them and add vintage accessories like an old country clock or a rocking chair with a country print.

Another idea for country wall decor is to buy wall hangings or frames that are shaped like things you enjoy. Teacup chicken is cute for a bedroom but would look out of place in a kitchen or dining area. Find country wall art to accentuate other areas in the room where you want the look to be less obvious, like a comforter on a bed or a vase filled with greens in a hallway. Country art helps you get away from the sharp contrasts often seen in modern decor, allowing you to create a cozy, homey look that makes you feel good.

The Colors You Love The Most

Background pattern

To create country home decor, think about the colors you love the most. You might want to buy reproductions of items you see in country stores or antique malls. Or look for reproductions that accurately capture the look and feel of what you love. Look for a country theme in accessories, linens and wall decor. It’s easy to create a country look when you use the right color palette and accessories.

To achieve country home decor, choose rugs and curtains that are bright and bold in pattern. Look for plaids, chenilles, and roosters. You can even find novelty throw pillows with country scenes on them or other country decor items. You can even use rugs with a country theme in a children’s bedroom or playroom, using colorful polka dots to reflect a garden or berry or daisy scene. Remember that the rugs with a repeating pattern or design will be country too.

Decorative Accessories

To finish off your country home decor, choose some decorative accessories to accent your walls. You can go with rugs, baskets and paintings that have a country theme. You can hang these items on your walls and choose wall decor items like vases and wall clocks that have the same country motif.

You can also choose whimsical wall decorations that have flowers, butterflies and other cute creatures or abstract designs. For an old-world country feel, go for photos of horses or cows, and if you have a family pet that you love, collect pieces of country fabric and put them on your walls.


If you want your country home decor to really stand out, choose lots of hardware that matches your country theme. You can use old rosewood mounted mirrors. If you have a bar or wooden tables and chairs, go for brass knobs and handles. You can get great country accessories at any furniture store or home improvement center. Remember that country is all about warm colors, light and lots of it!

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