8 Home Wall Decor Ideas To Make Rooms Stunning

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Walls tell a lot about a space. While an empty wall can make a space look dull, adorned walls add style to a room. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or art lover, you can always customize your walls as per your taste. Make use of these home wall decor ideas to decorate your space like an interior designer.

Consider A Gallery Wall

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No matter how big or small a wall is, you can make it look stunning by displaying a collection of decor. Use a good mix of picture frames, artwork, mirrors, clock, and other wall decors to create a gallery wall. If you have a small space, make it look big by setting up wall decors close to the ceiling.

Adorn The Mantel

If you own a fireplace, adorn the mantel with interesting decor including photo frames, candles, and glass vases. Try to use figure drawings to make the space look exceptionally stunning. You can also set up a giant mirror and keep two similar flower vases on the sides. Other home wall decor ideas for fireplace mantel include:

  • Installing a wooden ‘Home’ sign
  • Placing a lamp along with potted plants
  • Arranging books
  • Keeping glass bowls with floating candles

Use Plates As Wall Decor

Own a farmhouse-inspired home? Spruce up its walls by hanging plates. You can use silverware or vintage-inspired decorative plates. Adorn your kitchen walls with wooden cutlery. Don’t forget to use a mix of wooden spoons, forks, plates, and even signs.

Paint The Walls In Eclectic Colors

Electric colors can add interest to walls without putting extra effort. So, get your walls painted in nice electric colors like deep blue, rose pink, hot pink, etc. Keep the floors and rest of the space simple to balance the effect. The best is to paint a wall or two in such colors and then adorn those walls with mirrors and modern portraits.

Opt For Three Dimensional Stickers

Stickers look great on walls and three-dimensional stickers can take the personality of the wall to a whole new level. Get a 3D peel-and-stick wall sticker and use it on the wall you think needs the most attention. You can opt for flower stickers, a world map sticker, a peacock sticker, or something like acrylic hearts.

Experiment With Shapes

All geometric shapes look incredible on a wall. The best trick is to experiment with a lot of shapes when it comes to wall decor. Instead of relying on artwork with square or rectangular frames, look for something in oval, round, hexagon, etc. Even if you are using mirrors as decor, set up mirrors in all shapes. Mirrors in unique shapes and styles like ‘eye’, ‘ampersand’, ‘sun’, etc. also look exceptionally good.

Hang Collection Of Similar Items

Have a collection of items? Think of hanging those items in such a way that they resemble a piece of artwork. This is a great way to adorn the walls while putting things into use. You can hang cowboy hats, mini baskets, umbrellas, etc. on the wall to add interest.

Tip: You can also frame maps and hang those frames on the walls. This idea is perfect for people who love traveling.

Showcase Fabric

Consider hanging a piece of fabric or tapestry on a wall to add a pop of texture and color. Fabric is a great alternative to framed paintings and mirrors. There are many bohemian-inspired tapestries you can go for. Think of your personal preference before choosing tapestries for your room. Astronomy lovers can choose zodiac tapestries. Similarly, botany enthusiasts can buy botanical tapestries.

Opt for these home wall decor ideas and make your rooms, kitchen, and hallways stunning like never before!

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