8 Brilliant Winter Home Decor Tips & Ideas

Winter Home Decor Tips

A home doesn’t have to look boring after Christmas. Although you might have packed those lights and other festive decors, try to make your place look appealing just like the festive season. Before the winter season kicks in, get ready to bring subtle charm to your house with these winter home decor tips. These decoration tips will also ready your home for the New Year.

Add Greenery

A vase of flowers sits in front of a window

Plants look appealing in every season and winters are no exception. Add a bit of greenery in the living room, kitchen, and even bedrooms. If you have a staircase, enliven it up with a large garland to cover the entire set-up. You can also arrange small flowers or petals in the garland to create a romantic setting.

Consider Natural Elements

A vase of flowers on a table

Make use of natural elements to spruce up your home. Use pinecones, bamboo, chestnuts, wood, and the likes to create a rustic feel. If you own a fireplace, arrange bamboo chairs or baskets in the front. Branches, garlands, and acorns are other decor elements to consider. Some other winter home decor tips using natural elements include wooden lamps, wood shelves, bamboo hanging pots, and tree trimmings.

Use Colorful Patterns

Winters are about bringing in bold and bright colors. Experiment with colors such as plum, reds, icy blues, and cozy creams. You can create an inviting feel as well as achieve a balanced look with the help of warm colors like yellow, red, reddish-brown, and orange. The combinations of these colors look appealing and fabulous in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and kitchen.

Bring In Warm Lights

Warm lights such as candles, chandeliers, lamps, and pendant lights will add the desired warmth to a place. These lights will also brighten up space in the evening when the natural light starts fading. You can also utilize string lights and wrap them around the staircase, shelves, fireplace, mirrors, etc. Lanterns are another lighting source you can use to create a warm feeling at home.

Set Up Mirrors Everywhere

Mirrors are a great way to add a touch of sparkle to a place. A mirror will also bring in more light and can even make a place look big. Besides placing a big decorative mirror in the living room, use mirrors wherever you can. Add a big mirror above your bed and a small one on the opposite wall. Set up a mirror near the entrance and also one in the bathroom. You can even incorporate a mirror into your kitchen to add a sense of depth along with a touch of glamor.

Use Faux Fur As Decor

Faux fur is a staple of the winter season. So, how about using faux fur as decor? Fur will add coziness to a place while making it appealing at the same time. Well, there are many ways to decorate your place with fur. Keep furry throw pillows on bed and sofas. If you have a bench in front of your bed, display a faux fur blanket on it. You can also keep the fur beneath the bench as well as the big chair near the fireplace.

Cover Up The Windows

Covering windows in winter is important to keep indoors warm and comfortable. Use draperies or cellular shades to make indoors cozy. Solar blinds, Roman shades, woven wood shades, and fabric sheers are other decorative window treatments to consider.

Use Firewood As Display

Upgrade your house for the winter season in advance by bringing in firewood. Displaying firewood creatively will also make your place look appealing. Arrange blocks of firewood in a basket, on a shelf, or on a bar trolley. If you have a used aquarium, you can fill it with firewood logs.

Use these winter home decor tips to spruce up your beautiful home like never before!

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