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7 DIY Paper Photo Frames That Are Easy To Make


Décor in a home becomes complete by the funniest and happiest personal photos. It may include some memories you want to cherish for life or some people you always miss. Hanging the picture frames is art for a long time, and we can even find the gallery walls decked with the best photographs or collages. Photo frames are always trendy even today as they are the traditional way to showcase personal pictures and are also very easy to make. There are different types of photo frames, and you can make them out of any material you like into any shape of your preference. Here are some of the best and creative ideas to make paper picture frames that are very creative, fun, and budget-friendly. 

Photo Frame with Paper And Cardboard

7 DIY Paper Photo Frames That Are Easy And Budget-Friendly To Make
7 DIY Paper Photo Frames That Are Easy And Budget-Friendly To Make

Cut the photo frame from a paper and use cardboard matting. Cut the cardboard into a bigger size than the photo. Glue the photo to the cardboard. Cut the paper after measuring, in the shape of an open envelope. Fold the paper and insert that to photo for turning it into a perfect frame. 

Wrapping An Existing Frame

Wrap plastic or wooden frame with a paper that you choose. Choose a paper that makes the frame look the way you want. The paper should be in strips and then use them to wrap the frame. The photo frame looks exactly based on the paper you choose and the beautiful shape of the same.

Weaving A Paper Frame

If you love crafts and have adequate time to spend, weaving a paper frame would be a great way to make a photo frame from scratch. Choose the paper that is most suitable for making the frame. Using old newspapers is an excellent choice as it also is a way to reuse it. The twisted paper strips should be attached to the frame and weave it in the way you prefer. Weave the frame and choose the most appropriate color for your frame.

Paper Quilling Photo Frame

The photo frame looks perfect and fresh if you make it by paper quilling. Paper quilling might be a hard way to make a photo frame. You should know how to do quilling, or you should try that skill. 

Photo Frames From Vintage Book

7 DIY Paper Photo Frames That Are Easy And Budget-Friendly To Make
7 DIY Paper Photo Frames That Are Easy And Budget-Friendly To Make

Use a vintage book to convert it into a photo frame. You should turn the book to a frame by attaching a photo to it. Mark the tube edges using a pencil and remove the edges. Apply sticky glue around the photograph. Include the paper tubes to the frame by sewing two lines using white thread around the photo frames that are 1/4 inches away. Decorate the top and bottom left corners of the frame with printed labels, stickers, and jewels. A printed word can also be a great way to make the photo frame look great. Moreover, stamping a date with a black ink makes it look great. 

Make Photo Frames Using Glue

Make photo frames with A4 size paper of your choice, and you can make use of glue or double-sided sticking pads to get it on shape after cutting the paper into the required form. 

Photo Frames Without Glue

Paper photo frames that need you to make the right shapes and folds are the secret behind the frames without glue. You should make pieces of paper or fold the paper to give it the look of a photo frame.