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5 Modern Luxury Home Decor Tips for an Eye-Catching Interior

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What makes a home look luxurious? Well, the exterior can look grand and attractive but an eye-catching interior is what makes a home look luxurious and memorable. Hiring an interior designer is the better idea but some people like to design their home personally, you may spend hours scrolling through pictures and articles about home decor ideas but end up not being able to choose the perfect match. You may have chosen creative colors for the walls, expensive furniture, beautiful lighting, and splendid designing but when it comes to the decor, you feel confused about what to add and what not according to the designs. Here are 5 simple yet modern luxury home decor tips to make your humble abode feel amazing.

Upgrade your light switches

A view of a large window

Ditch the regular solid colored and rectangle-shaped switchboards and bring in colorful design, play with different shapes and sizes, contrast with the colors, try hanging switches, etc. Creative switchboards give a modern touch to your home, you can install cartoon-designed switchboards for your kid’s room, antique boards for the kitchen, hanging switches on the hallway, and royal gold boards for the living room.

Add floor-to-ceiling shelves

A clock hanging on the wall

Floor-to-ceiling shelves give a classic feeling to homes. Rooms with high up to ceiling shelves, wall shelves not only look luxurious but are also useful. You can organize books, showpieces, files, daily use things on those shelves. Put some candles, a small antique clock, or flower vases to add an aesthetic touch.

Paintings on wall

Instead of purchasing expensive pictures and artworks for wall hanging, try paintings on walls, old classic paintings, European style paintings, ancient artworks can be painted on walls. Some artists take painting requests on walls. You can paint characters customized in rooms, nature, mountains, historical characters, etc.

Antique items and furniture

An antique wooden crafted mirror, an old metal vase, your grandfather’s radio, old unused piano or other musical instruments, antique jewelry boxes, etc give a very luxurious feeling to your home. Antique items are eye-catching and give a warm vibe around them. Buying antique items is not necessary for decoration, a little creativity with old items are enough to spice it up, there are many DIY antique items videos and articles on the internet that will help you out.

Add premium rugs and carpets

You must have seen the huge luxurious hotels with premium rugs and carpets everywhere, those dark colored carpets give a royal touch to your interior. You can customize them by the color and design of your rooms. Including a premium carpet in the living room is certainly an eye-catching decor item.


Colorful flowers and flower vases also make the interior look immensely luxurious. For an extra luxury touch add big chandeliers, try designed fabrics for sofas, keep ceramic pots, put indoor plants in every corner, keep hardbound books, place mirrors in the hallway, try bamboo or cane furniture for outdoors, and table lamps on top of reading tables.

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