5 Affordable Eco-Friendly Christmas Home Decor Ideas

A christmas tree

Christmas is truly the most magical time of the year, one cannot stop themselves but forget all their despair and celebrate it. However, when it comes to waste, Christmas stands over any other occasion; it has a huge impact on our environment; every year the waste reaches up to millions of tons, not only the decoration waste but also the food waste. The solution is very simple, just switch to eco-friendly items; it alone helps cut off millions of waste pollution. Here are some tips for eco-friendly Christmas home decor ideas.

  1. Think about the presents
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It’s pretty obvious that you have chosen certain gifts to pack for your friends and family but just a little more conscious packing can help reduce the waste. Replace plastic gift wraps with paper or fabric gift wraps, you can use old paper/newspaper/ or just re-use old gift wraps. Send handwritten cards instead of buying them because they are one-time usable things; make sure you shop from local shops, try choosing more eco-friendly gift options like wine bottles, food items, cakes/cupcakes, small plants, etc.

  1. Christmas tree alternatives
A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

It’s not possible to celebrate the occasion without a Christmas tree or is it? Some people buy plastic trees instead of real trees but either way, it is not eco-friendly, every year millions of trees are cut for sale, while on the other side the plastic trees become huge waste. The best way is to plant a tree or buy a Christmas tree that you can plant in your backyard/garden, instead of decorating it inside just put lights and decor outside. There are also some DIY Christmas tree ideas that you can find on the internet, they are made using recycled material. 

  1. Plastic decoration alternatives

If you can’t get green alternatives, then try to store the decoration items to use for other occasions or next Christmas, it may sound cheap but it not only saves the decoration money but also good for the environment. Re-use the lights, glitters, tree accessories, baskets, balls, etc. Another way is to use handcrafted decorations, use papers, metals, fabrics, old clothes, sweaters, socks, etc, and turn them into beautiful decor items.

  1. Reduce food waste

Food waste is pretty obvious for every year’s Christmas yet it is the most overlooked issue. Buy from local shops and buy loose, only by measuring the amount you need unless it’s the drink; while preparing the dinner, only cook for the people you are going to serve, making a list of how many people are coming, and what their eating preferences are can help a lot. Try to go vegan for this day since the carbon emission is higher when meat and dairy are produced, transform leftovers or just eat them the next day by keeping them in the refrigerator, don’t throw away food in the trash, there are many NGOs that you can contact and hand them the extra food so it can be used to feed the needy.


Small steps do the big changes, you might think what changes can do alone, but it’s the one step that is enough to reduce waste and pollution. Plan the Christmas beforehand, make a list and start arranging stuff rather than buying non-eco products in the last hour.

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