22 Nice-Looking Things to Put Plant On

22 Nice-Looking Things to Put Plants On (Including Some Actual Plant Stands)

Indoor plants are a new trend in today’s modern households. People are going for smaller plants which occupy small spaces and need a lesser amount of water. These plants include red prayer-plants, monsters delicosa, spider plants, etc.

Chinese money plant and silver dollar plants are two of the most efficient plants in this category. Indoor plants add to the aesthetic beauty of your place. Besides that, they add to the oxygen levels inside the home, acting as a mini air purifier. We take you through 22 nice-looking things to put plants on in your house.

Actual plant stand:

These stands are about 12.6 inches wide and narrow down to the top. This stand is relatively small but can hold up to three medium-sized plants.

Mkono mid-century Wood plant stand:

This stand is one of the most stylish and elegant stands available. Usually available in 10 to 12 inches in diameter, one can flip the stand for different height settings.

Ufine 3-Tire Bamboo foldable plant:

This shelved bamboo stand has three tiers, as mentioned. It can hold up to 10 small sized pots or fewer medium-sized pots.

Unho 6-tier Corner plant stand:

22 Nice-Looking Things to Put Plants On (Including Some Actual Plant Stands)
22 Nice-Looking Things to Put Plants On (Including Some Actual Plant Stands)

This plant stand fills up the unused corners of your house. It has six shelves at different heights for your plants. You can experiment with different plants to add to the aesthetics.

Resinart East Inc. Roman Corinthian-Style Column Pedestal:

Pedestals can be used as plant stands. This Roman Corinthian-Style Column Pedestal can be used to flaunt your plants atop a 28-inch stand.

Marketing holders acrylic sculpture display Pedestal:

This clear acrylic sculpture display Pedestal had a 12 square inch cross-sectional area. The plant will be at the proper height of three feet.

Areaware Pedestal Set:

This set contains two low pedestals with 6-inch diameters. It can be used as a perfect tabletop plant stand.

Krack 3-Tier Utility Rolling Cart:

Utility carts can be used as a highly useful plant stand. These carts are made of metal and can hold up to 22 pounds of weight. The best aspect of rolling carts is you can move your plants wherever you want.

Melody House 3-tier Rolling metal utility and craft cart:

It is similar to the king rack but more uniform in its width. It comes in a turquoise finish to add to the beauty of the interior.

Popsport 3-Tier Tool 103A Utility Tub Cart:

This industrial looking cart comes in turquoise blue.

Design 3 tier Rolling storage cart:

This cart is round-shaped which is perfect for plants. It can also be squeezed into tighter spaces.

Topeakmart multicolor stool:

This multicolored set of 5 stool is bright and appealing. It is also easy to store and clean.

Linon Home Décor stacking stool:

22 Nice-Looking Things to Put Plants On (Including Some Actual Plant Stands)
22 Nice-Looking Things to Put Plants On (Including Some Actual Plant Stands)

This minimalist piece of equipment is the perfect plant stand for simple and elegant aesthetics.

Bare Décor Taj Folding plant stand:

This stand is foldable, as the name suggests, which makes it easy to store.

Other units which can be plant stands:

  • Rivet Hairpin Wood and metal side end tableHollyHome Metal end table
  • Yamazaki Home Tower Side table
  • Vasagle Industrial Storage unit
  • Songmics bamboo shoe bench and storage rack
  • Speed care bamboo step stool 
  • Design styles bright Acrylic ladder shelf
  • Winship stake & lath, Decorative natural Wood crate, set of 3
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